Apple’s Watch Dubbed a Danger to Drivers by Road Safety Charity

Apple’s Watch Dubbed a Danger to Drivers by Road Safety CharityThe use of wearable technology behind the wheel has a fair few road safety groups rather hot under the collar – one of which being the respected Institute of Advanced Motorists. Apple’s first ever Smartwatch may be one of the most in-demand commodities to hit the market in years, but IAM is adamant that the device could be a serious road safety hazard.

When linked to a compatible iPhone, the Apple Watch will allow the user to take calls, read messages and keep tabs on social media – pretty much everything that’s already outlawed while driving. However, it is likely to prove much more difficult for police officers to catch Smartwatch users in the act as the wearing of the device behind the wheel is unlikely to be made an offense.

“An iWatch has the potential to be just as distracting as any other smartphone device. Indeed more so if you have to take your hand off the wheel and your eyes off the road to interact with it,” said IAM Director of Policy and Research, Neil Greig.

“Enforcement will be difficult for the police, but powers exist to seize and interrogate devices in the event of a serious crash. The very device that distracted you also has the power to convict you.”

Over in the UK, authorities have already warned that to use Apple’s Watch behind the wheel will carry the same fine and penalties as using a Smartphone while driving.

Google Airports and Cities Could Follow Driverless Car Project – Google 2.0

Google Airports and Cities Could Follow Driverless Car Project - Google 2.0If the idea of a self-driving car from Google gave you the creeps, how about an entire city custom built by the search engine giant? It sounds a bit far-fetched, but is nonetheless exactly what could come to pass if Google’s long-term vision becomes anything more than a distant dream.

Chances are it won’t be long before Google’s automated vehicles are doing the rounds, but the next step in the firm’s world domination plans apparently concerns the designing of airports and even model cities. According to a new report penned by The Information, a project by the name of ‘Google 2.0’ is being pioneered by a crack team of designers and developers selected by Larry Page himself.

Google’s self-driving cars could find themselves carrying passengers through cities custom-built by the same company, if the search giant’s plans for the future ever come to pass.

Not content with investing in state-of-the-art robots and pouring money into alternative energy, Google is reportedly drawing up plans to build model cities and airports, according to a new article in The Information.

“A little over a year ago, Google CEO Larry Page convened his direct reports, the company’s dozen or so senior vice presidents, for a project that would take up two days a week for a couple of months,” reads the report, which also mentions “100 other employees” being involved.

The extent of the project seems to be far above and beyond that of Google’s robotics and self-driving cars division – aka Google X – and will apparently be entrusted to the new Google Y division. Google is yet to divulge any concrete information on what the project will entail, but it’s been reported that Google is already building its own private airport terminal for company use only.

It’s also worth noting how Larry Page recently insisted that the convenience of air travel could and should be improved.

World’s First iPhone 6 Dropped on Live TV – Ouch!

The world’s first iPhone 6 was sold to a lucky punter at an Apple store in Perth, Australia…it’s just a shame he ended up famous for another reason. Perhaps in his haste to get the box open or due to the nerves of being on live TV, he ragged the top off the box only for his proud new toy to fall straight onto the concrete floor.

World's First iPhone 6 Dropped on Live TV - Ouch!

And just to reiterate, this was on live TV. Bad enough, but the video clip…seen below…had also now been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

As for whether or not the phone was damaged we may never know – he didn’t stick around long enough to prolong his humiliation any further. What’s more, chances are the reporter would have been in no fit state to ask any questions as like any true professional she ended up doubled-over in the background laughing herself half to death.

Not that you can really blame her…schadenfreude at its finest!

iPhone 6 Selling for $2,500 in China – Ruthless Resellers Exploit Launch Delay

iPhone 6 Selling for $2,500 in China – Ruthless Resellers Exploit Launch Delay Ruthless resellers are cashing in on the delayed launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China, charging quite extortionate sums of money for the privilege of early delivery. The simple fact of the matter is that the new iPhone is not destined to arrive in China for some time, so anyone able to bring a few units to the market has a pretty huge opportunity to cash in.

And cash in they intend to – stories are already rolling in of 128GB iPhone 6 prices hitting almost $2,500. Others are promising 48-hour delivery of the lower storage iPhone 6 for more in the region of $1,400 which is still around double the standard selling price.

According to Counterpoint Research, the delayed Chinese iPhone 6 launch is likely to fuel the country’s black market to a rather worrying extend. Speaking on behalf of the group, Neil Shah stated that up to 5 million units of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be brought to the Chinese market long before the official launch of the device takes place – all of which will be traded illegally.

And with each device selling for a minimum of 50% or even 150% more than the standard retailer price, it’s technically one of the safest bets in history for smugglers looking to cash in on China’s late entry to the iPhone 6 party.

When questioned about the extent of the problem, Apple refused to pass direct comment other than to say that the new devices would be released in China as soon as possible.

In the meantime though, black market resellers will be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of those not willing to hold out for the new iPhone’s official arrival.

10% of US Workers Have Hit the Office High – And Colorado’s Not to Blame

10% of US Workers Have Hit the Office High – And Colorado’s Not to BlameThere are plenty of ways by which the Monday morning blues can be remedied – this isn’t one that comes highly recommended. If new statistics are anything to go by, no less than 10% of US workers have rolled into the workplace while high on pot.

So if there’s an office full of 50 people around you right now, chances are at least 5 of them have at some point turned up high as a kite!

The survey was carried out as a joint effort between SurveyMonkey and Mashable.com, which involved asking 534 members of the great American public about their weed smoking habits. And while some were expected to admit doing the dirty, nobody expected a full 9.7% to admit smoking pot then going to work.

It’s not like those involved could really blame it all on the new rules in Washington and Colorado either, as it turned out that over 80% of those going into work high bought their drugs illegally. They also hadn’t been prescribed it for medical reasons, so that’s another excuse off the counter!

As for prescription drugs, a much higher though perhaps more understandable 28% said they’d rocked up to work while not exactly their sober selves, though 7% of these folks didn’t actually get the drug from a doctor…they just took it for fun.

Hangovers on the other hand seem to be a much more widely expected inevitability in the general comings and goings of daily life, with well over half of all respondents admitting they’ve been to work while fighting the after-effects of the night before.

And of course, their punishment was their own doing.


Toyota Announces Sizeable Recall Following Reported Fuel Pipe Leaks

Toyota Announces Sizeable Recall Following Reported Fuel Pipe LeaksToyota has announced a large scale recall of both Toyota and Lexus branded autos, following reports of a potentially dangerous fuel leak. The announcement made Thursday concerns approximately 20,000 vehicles from the 2014 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Highlander, and Sienna ranges as well as the 2015 Lexus RX.

“In the involved vehicles, the end cap on the right-hand fuel delivery pipe in the engine compartment could have been insufficiently welded during manufacturing at the supplier,” read the statement issued by Toyota yesterday.

“In this condition, fuel could leak from the fuel delivery pipe and, in the presence of an ignition source, could increase the risk of a vehicle fire.”  The Japanese carmaker added that it is not aware of any deaths or injuries caused by the fire hazard, nor is it aware of any actual fires or crashes.

The majority of autos affected are known to have been sold in the US or remain on dealer forecourts, though an unspecified number have made their way overseas. A new fuel pipe will be fitted to the affected vehicles at no cost to the owner and can be fitted immediately upon contact with Toyota, the automaker promised.

So far no specific accidents or injuries have been reported as arising from the fuel delivery discrepancy and Toyota insists that the recall is a responsible preventative measure.

GM Confirms ‘Elite Top Level Luxury’ Cadillac for 2015 Launch

GM Confirms ‘Elite Top Level Luxury’ Cadillac for 2015 LaunchGeneral Motors is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at its Cadillac brand as it tries frantically to breathe new life into America’s once-favorite luxury auto. As part of ongoing efforts to revamp the brand, GM has announced its plans to build and release an all-new “top-end, high-technology car” bearing the Cadillac name before the end of next year.

Few details were divulged in the statement announcing the mysterious luxury auto, other than the promise that it “will add to rather than replace any model in the portfolio” and will fit into the range “above today’s CTS and XTS product lines.”

All set to challenge its rivals in an “elite class of top-level luxury cars,” Johan de Nysschen spoke with confidence about the luxury Cadillac that’s yet to be given an official name. All we know is that the firm’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant will take charge of building it and that it will make its first official appearance before the summer of next year.

And the timing really couldn’t be better, as Cadillac continues to flag in the face of growing competition from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Chaos On the Streets as Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Go On Sale

Chaos On the Streets as Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Go On SaleIt’s chaos as usual outside the world’s Apple stores as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus official go on sale. This morning saw the early opening of stores across the UK, Japan, Australia and other parts of Europe, much to the delight of obsessed Apple fanbois who in some cases had been outside for days.

It was and is the same familiar scene as most iPhone launch parties to date, with frenzied masses snaking down the streets of London, New York and as far away as Hong Kong – all of whom have a single goal in mind. It’s rare to see any Apple product hit the shelves without selling out pretty quick, but in the case of the new iPhones analysts expect to see record-breaking sales like never before.

More than 4 million units of the new iPhone were snapped up by way of preorder in just 24 hours last Friday, prompting several major carriers to warn of inevitable shipping delays. Not willing to accept being anything other than the first in the world to get hold of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, dedicated disciples of Apple have once again put their lives on hold in order to physically chase down the gold.

Of course, this will be the first time in history Apple has every released two iPhones with different screen sizes at the same time. The iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch screen has garnered particularly generous column inches over recent months and is a firm pick for 2014’s best-selling Smartphone…despite the year being just three months from its conclusion.

Apple stores in the US have yet to open their doors and the scenes on the streets outside are pure bedlam – precisely as expected and exactly as Tim Cook and Co. wanted it.

Study Links Sweetener Consumption with Elevated Diabetes Risk

Study Links Sweetener Consumption with Elevated Diabetes RiskScientists have drawn worrying new links between artificial sweeteners and a person’s respective chance of developing diabetes. New research suggests that consumption of the seemingly healthy sugar alternatives can lead to changes in the metabolism which in turn affect the way the body processes sugar, thus leading to a heightened diabetes risk.

Dr Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel led the research and insisted that the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners represent the “same condition that we aim to prevent” by cutting down on sugar intake. A series of tests brought to light evidence that consumption of sweeteners can affect the bacteria of the digestive system, which in turn have a detrimental effect on the way the body deals with glucose.

Tests carried out on laboratory mice suggested that sweetener consumption can lead to a situation wherein blood sugar spiked much more quickly after eating than it normally would, and then takes much longer to return to a normal, safer level.

“What the study suggests is we should step back and reassess our extensive use of artificial sweeteners,” commented University of Chicago professor of pathology Cathryn R Nagler.

To date, most tests carried out on artificial sweeteners have produced highly conflicting and confusing data on all sides of the spectrum. While some research groups swear by the use of sugar alternatives as healthier choices, others are convinced such behavior can be harmful.

Dr Elinav was keen to point out that concrete conclusions cannot yet be drawn, but did state that since the recent tests were carried out he’s thinking twice about using certain sweetening products.

“I’ve consumed very large amounts of coffee, and extensively used sweeteners, thinking like many other people that they are at least not harmful to me and perhaps even beneficial,” he reported.

“Given the surprising results that we got in our study, I made a personal preference to stop using them.”

Mortgage Rates at Bank of America Unchanged Wednesday Sep 17

Mortgage Rates at Bank of America Unchanged Wednesday Sep 17The benchmark 30 year fixed rate loan interest rates at Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) are available starting at 4.250% today and an APR of 4.352%.  15 year loan deals at the bank have been published at 4.125% carrying an APR of 4.266%.  

The 5 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages at Bank of America are coming out at 3.500% with a starting APR of 3.681%.  

Best Available Refinance Mortgage Rates

The benchmark 30 year refinance loans have been offered at 4.375% at Bank of America with an APR of 4.505%.  The shorter term, popular 15 year refinance fixed rate mortgage interest rates at the bank are coming out at 4.125% today with an APR of 4.325%.  5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages at BoA start at 3.625%. and the APR is 3.798%.