1987 Metal Gear Reboot Authorized by Konami – And it’s Gonna be Free!

1987 Metal Gear Reboot Authorized by Konami – And it’s Gonna be Free!The very first Metal Gear title from almost three decades ago is to be brought back to life by a group of modders, with Konami having offered its official blessing and insisted the final product be offered 100% free of charge.

Konami has given the official green light to a bunch of independent modders, who decided to work together on a new build of the very first Metal Gear game from 1987. The iconic MSX title gave birth to one of the most important and successful gaming franchises of all time – now it looks like we’re set for a welcome reminder of how it all began nearly three decades ago.

The group – known as Outer Heaven – reached out to Konami to ensure they wouldn’t end up facing a rather nasty legal backlash and have received the thumbs-up they were hoping for. The only proviso is that they don’t use anything copyrighted for the purposes of marketing and promotion – the game on the other hand they’ve been granted all-access right to rebuild.

In order to put the 1987 Metal Gear reboot together, Outer Heaven is reaching out to anyone with a good grasp of C++ or gaming design that might want to get in on the action.

And just in case you happen to fit the bill, the address is: outerheavendev@gmail.com

As for when we’re likely to see the final product, the fact that developers are still being called for makes it unlikely that the retro Metal Gear remake will launch anytime in the near future. But still, it’s not only a pretty amazing prospect to look forward to – it’s also going to be 100% free as one of Konami’s conditions is that of no profits being made from the thing!

It just keeps getting better and better!

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