2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Could See Early Release

2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Could See Early Release Spy shots of the 2015 Ford Mustang are nothing new these days, but as for the interior of the thing, that’s another story altogether. However, thanks to the folks over at Motortrend and their limitless friends in all the right places, we’ve been given our first sneak peek at the centre stack for the new 2015 Mustang.

Though not exactly bursting with new insights, the new spy shots of the Mustang’s interior show a sizable-screened infotainment system with climate control buttons beneath. We can also see the stop-start button, the same volume knob as that of the current Mustang and a little detail of the corner of the window.

The 2015 Ford Mustang has already captured the hearts, minds and souls of millions of petrol-heads the world over, despite having yet to be spotted in the flesh. Sure we’ve seen a smattering of annoyingly camouflaged spy shots and the like, but knowing that this time around we’re looking at the 50th anniversary edition of the world’s most iconic muscle car, the anticipation is almost too muchto bear.

But here’s the good news for those already chewing their nails down to the bone, rumors are flying out of the industry that the 2015 Ford Mustang could surprise us all with an early launch in the spring of next year. Which when you take into account the legacy of the Mustang makes perfect sense.

It was always made to break the rules from the starts, having arrived in the Spring of 1964 when pretty much every other vehicle in the US rolled out in the fall. So given the absolutely enormous significance of this coming spring 2014 in the story of the Mustang, it would be unthinkable for the 50th Anniversary Edition not to make an appearance.

And according to industry sources that’s exactly what’s coming – an early release of up to 1,000 2015 Ford Mustangs to celebrate its 50th birthday on time.

So that’s the when taken care of, in terms of what can be expected it’s all suitable mind-blowing and heavily debated of course. As far as the general consensus is confirmed however, the 2015 Mustang will be built around the design of the S550 and feature a 5-liter V8 capable of delivering 450 angry horses.

As far as the limited run 50th Anniversary Editions go, expect a series of additional unique adornments to polish off what will prove to be one of the most desirable and sought-after cars in the history of the US auto-market that’s expected to accumulate value by the day.


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