Black Friday Goes Global – Amazon, Asda and More Confirm UK Sales

Black Friday Goes Global - Amazon, Asda and More Confirm UK SalesBlack Friday is going global this year – or at least making its way over the pond to the UK. Once again, the American way of life seems to have rubbed off on our chums from Great Britain where in what could be the first recorded instance, Black Friday fever has gripped a large chunk of the population.

Amazon in particular is extending its Black Friday push to UK shores, having announced a series of incredible limited-time-only deals kicking off around Thanksgiving. The PlayStation 3 for example will be down in price by up to 40%, while some of the year’s biggest toys and games will be thrown out for pennies.

And Amazon won’t be alone either, as some of the biggest names in UK retail like John Lewis and Asda have also confirmed their participation in Black Friday 2013.

Of course, others remain typically British in their refusal to budge and will not give Black Friday the time of day. Others however are showing resistance to the big High Street day itself, but instead planning to launch some serious deals for Cyber Monday – the day on which Black Friday hits the online retail industry.

“Black Friday has become an integral part of the Christmas calendar for UK shoppers,” said Christopher North of Amazon, stating that over £200million was spent on the event by the firm last year.



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