BlackBerry 10 PlayBook Software Update Cancelled – BB A10 Phablet to Take its Place?

BlackBerry 10 PlayBook Software Update Cancelled – BB A10 Phablet to Take its Place?So here’s the deal – Thorsten Heins has ruled-out the idea of a BlackBerry 10 software update for the beleaguered BlackBerry PlayBook, right at a time when smaller slates are selling by the million and becoming the global consumer favorite. The revelation has of course sent swathes of the population into a frenzy of disappointment, confusion and anger, but if you read between the lines there’s probably a bit more to the decision that meets the eye.

Cancelling the BlackBerry PlayBook software update unfortunately means the end of the PlayBook…period. We’ll just have to accept that it was doomed from the start and move on.

And let’s not forget that Mr. Heins also made it pretty clear that BlackBerry isn’t really investing a great deal of time or effort in the development of a new tablet PC of any kind right now – in other words meaning that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 is also on ice.

However, what we do know is that Heins and Co. are extremely busy behind the scenes lining up at least one new BlackBerry 10 device to launch closer to the holiday season. So, let’s fill in the gaps to work out what the fabled BlackBerry A10 could turn out to be.

We already have the touchscreen Z10, the QWERTY keyboard Q10 which has only just arrived and the affordable Q5 which still hasn’t landed in plenty of the world’s key markets. Any room left at the inn for the A10?

Sure there is – assuming that the BlackBerry A10 is the Canadian firm’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note.

I personally get the feeling that what’s going on is a whole lot of spin and creative wording. Just because a ‘tablet’ has been ruled out and the PlayBook won’t be getting a software update, this doesn’t mean that a BlackBerry A10 Phablet might not be on the cards. And this would also mean that Heins was technically telling the truth – 6-inches still isn’t considered a tablet PC in most circles.

This is of course pure speculation and things could change quite drastically in the meantime, but when factoring in the current state of play in the global tech market and BlackBerry’s most recent product launches, a BB10 Phablet to round off the year feels like a bit off a no-brainer.

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