Budweiser and Malt Liquor – Express Tickets to ER

Budweiser and Malt Liquor – Express Tickets to ERMost of us have woken up with the kind of hangover that seems to warrant medical attention, but for some a night on the sauce really does end up with a visit to the ER. And it’s not just about the booze and its effects on the body, but rather the bizarre and dangerous decision we make while under the influence.

However, some people always state that one drink makes them act one way while another turns them into someone else entirely. So, it seemed prudent to carry out a research project into which drinks are in fact the most likely to see a person’s night finishing in a hospital bed.

And no prizes for guessing what came out on top – none other than Budweiser.

The study was carried out by a team from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and certainly seems to confirm the suspicions of some. While sales of Budweiser only account for about 9% of total beer sales across the US, it for some reasons scored a dizzying 15% in terms of drinks most likely to leave you in need of medical attention.

Whether or not it’s the Bud itself or the fact that Bud drinkers in general don’t seem to be the best decision-makers is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

But before casting a critical eye over Budweiser once and for all, it’s worth knowing that it only came out as the worst-offender in single-product stakes.  As you can probably guess, the most common drink of all known to land folk in hospital is…malt liquor.

Put together, only about 2.4% of domestic beer sales in the US are made up by malt liquor brands, but the stuff is nonetheless responsible for a whopping 46% share of the booze-related ER set.

And the reason? Simple really – not only is Budweiser comparatively high in the alcohol department compared to the industry average for beers, but malt liquor takes it to extremes more often than not.

And of course, it doesn’t help that it’s cheap as it gets!

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