The Maze Runner Scores Big During Opening Weekend – Tops Box Office

The Maze Runner Scores Big During Opening Weekend – Tops Box OfficeIt seems to take a bunch of young adults and throw them into a life of death struggle is a sure-fire recipe for Hollywood success right now…The Maze Runner having once again proved the point pretty well. Scooping up an impressive $32.5 million during its opening weekend in the US and Canada, the flick comfortably topped the box office ahead of A Walk Among the Tombstones ($13.1 million) in second place.

“At Fox, they should be very pleased,” said Rentrak senior media analyst, Paul Dergarabedian.

“To have a $32.5 million opening in September is actually really good.”

Another addition to the growing arsenal of popular teen dystopia movies that seem to be ticking all the right boxes right now, The Maze Runner is a safe bet for anyone with an interest in Enders Game or The Hunger Games.

“The Maze Runner,” based on a young-adult novel by James Dashner, tells the story of a group of boys who find themselves in a glade with a dangerous maze as their only exit.

“Their decision to create a new franchise based around this very popular series of books was a smart one,” said Dergarabedian.

“For every one of these that does well, there are many that don’t. It’s very difficult to tap into that young adult audience and have success,”

“Their gamble paid off.”

Mat Franco ‘Shocked and Honored’ at Historic AGT Win

Mat Franco ‘Shocked and Honored’ at Historic AGT WinMat Franco has earned his place in the America’s Got Talent history books after becoming the only magician to every walk away with the million dollar prize. Despite having wowed the judges from his first audition, the Rhode Island native fought tooth and nail to destroy his underdog status and take his first steps toward superstardom.

“I couldn’t help but just be shocked and honored,” he told reporters from PEOPLE.

“It’s great to be an inspiration to people. … The underlying message is following your passion. Whatever it is you like to do, do it: Dreams can come true.”

Franco often stated that he’d been doing magic long before he’d even learned how to read. Since the age of 4, he’d wow his family and friends with increasingly sophisticated illusions – his grandma being his biggest life-long fan of all.

“She ran up on stage at the end of the show at the finale and told me how proud she was,” he beamed.

He also revealed during the course of his AGT journey that there were times in his life he wasn’t exactly proud of what he did. It may have been his brothers that were bringing home the girls while he was working hard on his tricks, but Franco is undoubtedly having the last laugh right now.

“It has a certain connotation to it, so you wouldn’t necessarily want to bring it up,” he said.

“Maybe that can change. Now that magic has won the biggest talent show in the world, maybe that’ll give magic a little credit.”

Franco’s transition from small-time campus magician to national big-stage megastar came quite spectacularly fast for the 26-year-old, though represents everything he always dreamed of.

“It’s night and day if you consider the college campus dining hall versus Radio City Music Hall,” he explained.

“There was this moment when we were rehearsing for the first live show, and I look up, and all these people who are the best in their field are all coming together to help me,”

“It was emotional for me having a team like that. I felt like David Copperfield for a second. It was pretty wild.”

Cute or Creepy – Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Go Public…Sort Of

Cute or Creepy – Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Go Public…Sort OfCute or creepy? That’s the question being asked all over Hollywood this morning following reports that Chris Martin has fallen head over heels in love with Jennifer Lawrence. Not since Chad Kroeger’s surprise coupling with Avril Lavigne…which of course just came to a rather depressing end…has a Hollywood pairing raised so many genuinely curious eyebrows.

The famed Coldplay frontman recently called it quits with Gwyneth Paltrow after over a decade of marriage, which went down as one of the most bizarre breakups in recent A-Lister history. The moment they decided to make their ‘conscious uncoupling’ public, we knew it was going to be a weird one/

Still, despite all manner of weird and wonderful rumors in the interim months, it seems Mr. Martin has fallen completely and hopelessly in love with The Hunger Games star Lawrence, who was recently the focus of the world’s media for rather more undesirable reasons.

Neither party has yet gone on-record to confirm the coupling, but tons of sources are coming forward with rather gushing reports. Lawrence has apparently had a crush on the Coldplay singer for years, while he himself has apparently ended up hopelessly smitten after heading out in LA with her.

He may be 37 and she just 24, but hey – if they’re happy than so should be the rest of us!

Finding Fanny to be Made into Novel for 2015 Release

Finding Fanny to be Made into Novel for 2015 ReleaseIf you’re bowled over by Homi Adjania’s Finding Fanny on the big screen, you might be happy to hear it’s also set to be released as a book in the near future. With a star-studded cast including Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, the original satirical story is to be extended and expanded into a novel by Kersi Khambatta and director Adjania,

Nothing has yet been made official, but the book’s release date is expected to fall in 2015.

Here’s the official video trailer for Finding Fanny, which is to launch in theatres across India in September:

Shahid Kapoor Looks Incredible on GQ Magazine Cover

Shahid Kapoor Looks Incredible on GQ Magazine CoverShahid Kapoor has graced the cover of GQ Magazine for the first time. Dressed and styled as he’ll appear in Haider – the upcoming movie from Vishal Bharadwaj – he’s scored some serious cool points with the critics and has a pretty incredible new accolade to add to his belt.

Haider was filmed for the most part in Kashmir and represents a modern day take on Hamlet – Shakespeare’s iconic epic. Kapoor stars alongside Kay Kay Menon and Shraddha Kapoor.

Priyanka Chopra Admits She’d Go Fully Bald For the Right Movie

Priyanka Chopra Admits She’d Go Fully Bald For the Right MovieAre we about to see Priyanka Chopra add a decidedly new on-screen look to her already outstanding collection? Quite possibly – she’s more than willing to consider going fully bald!

Chopra was speaking about her role in the new movie ‘Mary Kom’ in which she portrays a bald character. This time around she wasn’t actually shaved bald and instead donned a head covering to achieve the affect, though she’s now admitted that if the right director asked her to do so, she would indeed shave he luxurious locks for a movie.

“It was just about one scene in ‘Mary Kom’, so it was not required for me to go bald,” said the actress.

“Then who would have shot the rest of the film? But if a film requires for me to go bald entirely, maybe I will do it. But just for one or two scenes, I can’t go bald,”

Mary Kom launches nationwide this coming Friday – September 5.

Police Protection Offered to Shah Rukh Khan – Shots Fired Near Colleague’s House

Police Protection Offered to Shah Rukh Khan – Shots Fired Near Colleague’s HouseBollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan has been granted additional police protection after his close friend and business partner began receiving threats from underworld gangster Ravi Pujari.

Shah Rukh Khan comes across as untouchable on the big screen, but in real life faces just as many dangers as everyone else – perhaps more. Authorities have confirmed that the Bollywood superstar has been granted a higher level of police protection, after it was revealed that the still at-large gangster Ravi Pujari has made death threats to his business partner, Ali Morani.

Along with the frightening rhetoric, police also confirmed that gunshots had been fired close to Morani’s Juhu home. The fact that Shah Rukh is so closely tied with Morani has prompted police to assume that he make in fact be in danger and have therefore offered him more intensive protection and surveillance.

Ravi Pujari is a notorious figure of the criminal underworld and has been linked with a serious of extortion claims and violent incidents.


Finding Fanny’s “Virgin” Censorship Fuels Debate At the Board’s Business in Bollywood

Finding Fanny’s “Virgin” Censorship Fuels Debate At the Board’s Business in BollywoodHaving forced Homi Adjania’s into a difficult corner following yet another controversial decision, debate rages as to whether it’s time for Indians Censor Board to be completely dissolved and reinvented.

India’s Censor Board is once again in the firing line of the nation’s filmmakers, following confirmation that the Homi Adjania’s movie Finding Fanny has fallen victim to the board’s increasingly strict output rules. One particular scene is said to have caught the board’s attention, in which Deepika Padukone speaks the words “I am a virgin” – far from the first time such words have been used in an Indian movie.

Having now been pushed back from its original August 25 release date to sometime next month, the Censor Board is being blamed for unnecessarily stunting the growth and development of the Indian film industry by constantly changing the rules.

Critics insists that the very nature of the Censor Board is flawed as the vast majority of decisions are made on the back of personal preference, rather than a specific set of guidelines. This in turn has the potential to lead to the misinterpretation of both context and dialogue, prompting entirely senseless censorship and damaging delays.

Finding Fanny will now see its release on September 12 and stars Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Panjaj Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah.

Happy Ending Confirmed for November 28 Release Date – Raj Kapoor Short Abandoned

Happy Ending Confirmed for November 28 Release Date - Raj Kapoor Short AbandonedNovember 28 marks the big day for Happy Ending – Ranbir Kapoor confirms Raj Kapoor is no longer happening

Happy Ending, the long-awaited comedy romance from Raj Nidimoru, has been confirmed for a November 28 release date. Finally proving fans with a date to count down to, Happy Ending stars modern day movie royalty in the form of Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’cruz, alongside Govinda and Kalki Koechlin.

Also confirmed for cameo roles are Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor.

A modern love story with a contemporary Indian couple at its heart, Happy Ending promises a lavish serving of romance, love and friendships.

Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor has confirmed that he will not in fact be making a telling the story of his grandfather, the iconic Raj Kapoor. Instead, he now plans to focus on another short film that will feature the three Khans – Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Aamir.

“After I said that, I began to think that a short film would be too small to tell about Raj Kapoor’s life, it will take me 500 hours to do it,” the director revealed this week.

“But then I also began thinking on whom can I make a short film. Then I thought about an eight-minute short film where Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are sitting on a couch and only talking.”

Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Kristen Stewart Breakup – Candidly!

Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Kristen Stewart Breakup – Candidly!Twilight superhunk Robert Pattinson has candidly spoken of his controversial breakup from former squeeze Kristen Stewart, while also admitting he’s fond of playing games with the paparazzi.

Robert Pattinson managed to shake his nice-little-boy image in a big way a couple of year back when it came to light that he’d been cheating on his then-flame, Kristen Stewart. And while it might have taken some time for the couple and their fanbase to come to terms with the breakup, it’s clear that for him at least things have moved on quite a long way and he’s hardly brooding for times gone by.

“S**t happens, you know?” he told Esquire UK for the mag’s September issue.

“It’s just young people … it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a s**t?”

He also went on to say that rather than the split itself, his biggest fear and worry at the time was having to talk about it to the press.

“When you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict,” he said.

“It’s like that scene in ‘Doubt,’ where [Philip Seymour Hoffman is] talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers.”

And even after so many years of fame on a level few Hollywood hunks ever come close to, he still has no idea why the world and its paps are so obsessed with him.

“I used to dress up my assistant as me, and get him to drive off with like five cars following him around for hours,” said the Twilight star.

“I think it goes through periods where you’re assigned ‘this is the guy to follow.’ But whenever I see a bunch of paparazzi hanging out, I always think, ‘Oh God, what have they found out!’ Oh, THAT love child! I totally forgot!”

“There was a time, three years ago, when I didn’t know where to live where I wouldn’t be trapped in my home, you know? But I worked it out. It’s not that big a deal in the end,” he told Esquire.

“Half of it is in your head.”