Conrad Hilton Heads for Court After Violent In-Flight Outburst

Conrad Hilton made a pretty good job of showing the world his true colors last July when he did a pretty good job of making a whole BA flight wish he’d go find the emergency exit…at 37,000 feet. The latest LA lacky to try his hand at a bit of air rage, Paris’ brother went one step further than most by directing his anger at both the poor staff working the flight and every last passenger sitting around and minding their own business.

It all kicked off mid-way between LA and London, when for whatever the reason Conrad decided to go completely an utterly postal on the flight’s crew. It’s only now that he’s been officially charged with both assault and threatening behavior by an LA County court, forcing him to surrender himself for questioning and an in-court appearance.

Conrad Hilton Heads for Court After Violent In-Flight Outburst

And it’s not like it’s unwarranted either – his choice of remarks was particularly vile:

“I am going to f***ing kill you!”

“I will f***ing rip through you!”

“I will f***ing own anyone on this flight, they are f***ing peasants!”

…and so on and so forth, all equally inspiring in both creativity and subtlety.

Not willing to take any chances, the crew was given permission by the captain to take matters into their own hands if necessary, which resulted in the happy chappy spending the rest of the flight handcuffed where he sat. He’ll learn his fate soon enough when the matter is heard in the LA courtroom, during which time we’re likely to hear the rest of the grizzly details.

Unsurprisingly, his defense team insists he cannot be blamed as he’d popped a pill prior to setting off which instead of calming him down did the exact opposite. Exactly whether or not anyone chooses to buy this explanation remains to be seen.

No Charges Against Ricardo Medina over Flatmate’s Death

After being arrested on suspicion of stabbing his flat-mate to death, Ricardo Medina has been released by California authorities without being charged. Medina shot to international fame in 2002 for his role in the Power Rangers TV series and has since scored an array of high-profile film and television appearances.

“I am very happy to be out of jail and my heart goes out to the Sutter family,” said the actor as he made his way out of police custody following his arrest over the weekend.

Medina was accused of stabbing Joshua Sutter to death at his home in Palmdale on Saturday evening, following an argument which quickly spiraled into a violent altercation. Sutter was rushed to hospital with a single stab wound to the stomach, though could not be saved. Having been suspected as inflicting the fatal wound on his flat-mate, Medina was brought into police custody under suspicion of murder.

No Charges Against Ricardo Medina over Flatmate's Death

However, Medina’s account as to what exactly took place on January 31 suggests a wholly different scenario where the accidental blow was inflicted through self-defense. Prosecutors for LA County have therefore made the decision to further ongoing investigations and hold-off on bringing any charges against the actor until sufficient evidence has been gathered to facilitate a conclusion.

Medina strongly denies all charges and insists the death of Sutter was a tragic accident bred of his own aggression and physical attack on both Media and his girlfriend. The pair were supposedly forced to flee to another room and barricade the door after being physically attacked by Sutter, who then broke the door down in order to continue his assault. At this time, Medina took hold of a sword to deter Sutter, accidentally piercing his stomach which led to his death.

“There simply aren’t facts here for a crime,” said Medina’s lawyer, Alan Bell.

“It is a self-defense case. You have an individual here who was the victim of a beating in the kitchen area before he went to the bedroom and locked the door to secure himself from any continuing violence,”

“Sutter kicked the door in to continue the aggression.”

Gwen Stefani’s Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage? Alone Time

Gwen Stefani has opened up about what it is she thinks represents the secret to a long, successful and ultimately happy marriage. Having gone against the Hollywood grain be sticking with hubby Gavin Rossdale since 1996 – the pair married in 2002 – she’s happy to admit that it’s a bit of a shocker they’ve held out so much longer than most, though insists she really couldn’t be happier.

“We go through so much together – it’s a miracle that we could stay together this long,” said the 45-year-old No Doubt icon during a Cosmopolitan interview.

As far as she’s concerned, the secret to making it work and keeping it working long-term lies in making sure there’s enough me-time brought into the mix with everything else. Or in other words, dedicating as much of yourself to yourself as necessary to keep things amicable with your other half.

Gwen Stefani's Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage? Alone Time

“Gavin’s on a short tour right now, and he wrote me the sweetest note this morning,” Stefani added.

“It’s good to have those days when we both do our own things. I think that’s what keeps relationships going, when both people can be themselves and have their own individuality,”

“That’s especially important for women – it’s hard to find time for yourself.”

Of course, she’s under no doubt whatsoever that the fact she’s married to a hunk of a rock star doesn’t in any way harm matters.

“I never really saw myself landing a guy that hot. I don’t know if I was a nerd in high school, but I definitely wasn’t the super-cute cheerleader so I never saw myself getting somebody like that,” she added.

“But I do think he’s quite handsome. It’s not the most important thing about him, but it is nice … and he makes really cute babies!”

So that’s a full 13 years and three kids the pair have clocked up so far and things apparently couldn’t be going better.

Take note Hollywood – you could learn a thing or two!

The Maze Runner Scores Big During Opening Weekend – Tops Box Office

The Maze Runner Scores Big During Opening Weekend – Tops Box OfficeIt seems to take a bunch of young adults and throw them into a life of death struggle is a sure-fire recipe for Hollywood success right now…The Maze Runner having once again proved the point pretty well. Scooping up an impressive $32.5 million during its opening weekend in the US and Canada, the flick comfortably topped the box office ahead of A Walk Among the Tombstones ($13.1 million) in second place.

“At Fox, they should be very pleased,” said Rentrak senior media analyst, Paul Dergarabedian.

“To have a $32.5 million opening in September is actually really good.”

Another addition to the growing arsenal of popular teen dystopia movies that seem to be ticking all the right boxes right now, The Maze Runner is a safe bet for anyone with an interest in Enders Game or The Hunger Games.

“The Maze Runner,” based on a young-adult novel by James Dashner, tells the story of a group of boys who find themselves in a glade with a dangerous maze as their only exit.

“Their decision to create a new franchise based around this very popular series of books was a smart one,” said Dergarabedian.

“For every one of these that does well, there are many that don’t. It’s very difficult to tap into that young adult audience and have success,”

“Their gamble paid off.”

Mat Franco ‘Shocked and Honored’ at Historic AGT Win

Mat Franco ‘Shocked and Honored’ at Historic AGT WinMat Franco has earned his place in the America’s Got Talent history books after becoming the only magician to every walk away with the million dollar prize. Despite having wowed the judges from his first audition, the Rhode Island native fought tooth and nail to destroy his underdog status and take his first steps toward superstardom.

“I couldn’t help but just be shocked and honored,” he told reporters from PEOPLE.

“It’s great to be an inspiration to people. … The underlying message is following your passion. Whatever it is you like to do, do it: Dreams can come true.”

Franco often stated that he’d been doing magic long before he’d even learned how to read. Since the age of 4, he’d wow his family and friends with increasingly sophisticated illusions – his grandma being his biggest life-long fan of all.

“She ran up on stage at the end of the show at the finale and told me how proud she was,” he beamed.

He also revealed during the course of his AGT journey that there were times in his life he wasn’t exactly proud of what he did. It may have been his brothers that were bringing home the girls while he was working hard on his tricks, but Franco is undoubtedly having the last laugh right now.

“It has a certain connotation to it, so you wouldn’t necessarily want to bring it up,” he said.

“Maybe that can change. Now that magic has won the biggest talent show in the world, maybe that’ll give magic a little credit.”

Franco’s transition from small-time campus magician to national big-stage megastar came quite spectacularly fast for the 26-year-old, though represents everything he always dreamed of.

“It’s night and day if you consider the college campus dining hall versus Radio City Music Hall,” he explained.

“There was this moment when we were rehearsing for the first live show, and I look up, and all these people who are the best in their field are all coming together to help me,”

“It was emotional for me having a team like that. I felt like David Copperfield for a second. It was pretty wild.”