Comatose Polish Immigrant Thrown Out of US Like ‘Sack of Potatoes’

Comatose Polish Immigrant Thrown Out of US Like ‘Sack of Potatoes’A Polish immigrant woke from a coma to find himself receiving treatment in his home town of Boleslawiec, after he was transported ‘like a sack of potatoes’ back to Poland while unconscious.

Wladyslaw Haniszewski has lived in the US for over 30 years and suffers from a debilitating blood disease.

Officials in Poland have reacted to the incident with outrage, after the man was carted back to his home nation from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital after being found to have no insurance.

Polish officials are furious after Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick deported the 69-year-old, who had been living in America illegally, because he had no medical insurance. And over in Boleslawiec, the town’s hospital is also complaining that Haniszewski doesn’t have health insurance to cover his treatment and is therefore costing the hospital money.

They state that Haniszewski was ‘dumped’ at the hospital and staff were given no time to assess the situation.

The patient was apparently deported without any of his friends or family being notified, most of whom found out up to a week after he had been shipped as human-freight.

Haniszewski’s condition is so serious he is unable to speak or communicate with doctors, only offering the occasional smile. He lost his home after losing his job in New Jersey and had been living in a local homeless shelter – human rights groups are outrages at the inhuman behavior of US authorities.

All hospitals in the US are bound by law when it comes to treating emergency patients, though also have the right to enforce ‘medical repatriation’ which sees ‘undocumented patients’ returned to the native countries.

Hospital officials in the US have refused to pass comment on the incident or answer any direct questions.

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