Dream NY Hotel Sacks Staff Member Stiffed by Diddy – Begs Forgiveness

Dream NY Hotel Sacks Staff Member Stiffed by Diddy – Begs ForgivenessWaitress who sensationally shamed Diddy after leaving without tipping her loses her job, while hotel management beg the rap star to come back

Today brings news of a rather embarrassing 180 from a bar that won the respect of America by standing up to apparent celebrity scrooge just a week or so ago.

You might remember that bar staff at the Dream NY took to the web to vent their rage after one Mr. Diddy apparently stiffed a waitress out of a $40 on Super Bowl Sunday – tight-fistedness that did not go down well with the workforce.

Well, it seems that the management at the hotel are far more interested in the greater good than in one particular staff member’s bank balance – they’re now begging and pleading for forgiveness!

Yep, the top-brass at the place have spoken of being “embarrassed and offended” following the Facebook post by an employee that sought to name and shame the apparently frugal rap star.

The waitress famously wrote “Thanks Sean Combs aka P. Diddy for leaving no tip on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Sadly for the waitress, it turns out that the lack of a $40 tip would end up being the least of her concerns resulting from Diddy’s visit…she’s also been fired.

Why so harsh? Well, most likely because Dream NY has always been one of the most popular hotspots in New York for A-List rappers to hang out undisturbed by the public – Diddy’s shaming isn’t likely to go down well with his loyal legions.

“We look forward to welcoming you back soon,” the hotel’s management wrote, hoping Mr. Diddy was both reading and interested in returning.
Whose side are you taking on this one?

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