Fake Virus Site Offers Easy Access to Early Weekends – Happy Hour Virus Goes Viral

Fake Virus Site Offers Easy Access to Early Weekends - Happy Hour Virus Goes ViralIt’s not very often you come across a computer virus and breathe a sigh of relief. That is of course, unless said virus means you can get out of work early and kick off your weekend with a few extra hours guilt-free!

Well, almost.

A new and admittedly unscrupulous service has been set up to offer on-demand fake computer viruses to afford wearer workers a way out of work early. The simulated viruses on offer are 100% free, safe to play with and modestly believable…unless of course you work with the solidly IT literate.

According to http://www.happyhourvirus.com/ it’s as simple as three steps:

Step 1

Tell your friends you’re leaving work

Step 2

Select a screen mode to “break” your computer

Step 3

Make frustrated sigh and exit the building

Of course, we cannot recommend for one moment that the site be used for any such purposes and instead should be seen as a fun novelty only.

But if you do decide to kick off your weekend an hour or two early this Friday, we won’t tell on you!

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