Goodbye LG G3, Hello LG Z1 – Firm’s First Commercial Curved Screener Coming 2014

Goodbye LG G3, Hello LG Z1 – Firm’s First Commercial Curved Screener Coming 2014LG is doing a pretty good job of remaining in the tech headlines right now, having built an Apple-esque level of hype surrounding its latest, upcoming and rumored projects. The LG G2 Smartphone is one of the devices of the year hands-down, the G Pad 8.9 is a firm favorite to stick it to the Google Nexus 10 2 and the LG G Flex has been generating some serious buzz ahead of its rumored November launch.

This weekend however, talk has centered more around an upcoming Smartphone launch from LG set to take place sometime toward the mid-stages of next year. If accurate, the device we’d come to expect would launch as the LG G3 will in fact touch down at the LG Z1.

And in order to well and truly set itself apart from everything LG has put out before, the Z1 will apparently be the firm’s first full-scale rollout of a curved screen Smartphone.

Or to put it another way, the LG Z1 will be something of a cross between the G2 and the G Flex, albeit with massively souped-up specs and features inside and out.

The news certainly seems to tie in with ongoing reports that the LG G Flex set to debut next month will in a similar sense to the Samsung Galaxy Round be something of a limited run prototype. Both firms are apparently looking to test the water in terms of reactions to their first attempts, before going ahead with a full-fat launch campaign sometime next year.

The good news for LG is that Samsung’s Galaxy Round has so far been met with skepticism at best – the doors are wide open for LG to claim the curved screen Smartphone market as its own.

In terms of timeframes and release date estimates, it’s all pure conjecture at this stage. That being said, given the fact that the LG G2 has only just gotten off the ground across much of the world, chances are they won’t be in a hurry to launch the Z1…formerly known as the LG G3.

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