GTA 5 Online Rakes in $66 Million in In-App Purchases

GTA 5 Online Rakes in $66 Million in In-App PurchasesTake-Two laughing all the way to the bank at GTA 5 Online continues to generate massive revenues

GTA 5 Online has proved to be one of the biggest cash cows in the history of Rockstar Games, having now generated a quite astonishing $66 million through in-app purchases.

According to the latest rounds of statistics, at least 70% of GTA 5 gamers play online or at least have tried the online feature – the title now raking in a full 50% of all digital sales chalked up by Take-Two.

Not that any of these figures are official as such, but have instead been figured out following the comments of one Take-Two exec.

CEO Strauss Zelnick told the folks at MCV about the above mentioned 70% of gamers playing GTA 5 Online, adding that “recurrent consumer spending related to GTA Online represented nearly half of our digitally delivered revenue in the quarter.”

According to the latest financial report published by Take-Two total digital content sales hit a new high of just under $133 million, which in turn suggests that a solid $66 million of this came via GTA 5 Online.

The vast majority of the GTA 5 Online experience has so far been free, but much larger expansion and service packages are expected to be introduced over the coming months at a charge.

Zelnick also took the time to talk about how great it is to have a title that doesn’t need constant annual refreshes in order to stay current and hold onto its value.

“It is great that consumers anticipate our titles, like they anticipate the next James Bond film. Our goal is to create permanent franchises.”

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