How Long Does Leftover Turkey Last in the Fridge? Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Guide

How Long Does Leftover Turkey Last in the Fridge? Your Thanksgiving Leftovers GuideSome say the best thing about Thanksgiving is the Black Friday shopping spree or the day off work, but they’re wrong. As most of us know, the best this of all is being able to gobble down Thanksgiving dinner leftovers for a good few days or so and lap up the kind of gourmet luxuries we spend most of the year denying ourselves.

Which of course leads onto that important annual question – exactly how long do Thanksgiving leftovers last in the fridge?

Well, most have their own theories on the reheating and eating of leftover grub, but if you’re looking for a general rule of thumb to follow, you have to go to pros.

So here it is – a quick and simple guide to all the best bits of your Thanksgiving dinner I’m happy to say you can go on enjoying for most of the weekend:

  • Turkey – 3 to 4 days
  • Gravy – No more than 2 days
  • Stuffing – 3 to 4 days
  • Potatoes – Up to 5 days
  • Cranberry Sauce – Up to 2 weeks
  • Wine – 3 days if sealed
  • Veggies – 2 days maximum

All of the above times refer to leftovers you managed to get into the fridge no more than about two hours after they were first cooked. If they were left sitting around at room temperature for any length of time, the lifespan of leftovers decreases quite a bit.

As far as the cooking goes, experts say you’re free to reheat anything you’ve already cooked as long as it has only been heated once – any more than this and you’re taking a pretty big risk. Just make sure you heat leftovers thoroughly to a temperature high enough to kill off any bugs and bacteria.


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