How Much?! Sony Confirms $1,850 PS4 Price in Brazil – Xbox One Details TBA

How Much?! Sony Confirms $1,850 PS4 Price in Brazil – Xbox One Details TBASince the initial announcement of the devices earlier this year, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been comfortably outshining the Xbox One in various departments. But for all the personal preference in the world, the one concrete ace the PS4 has had set in stone is its $100 lower price tag than the Xbox One – a deal sealer for many early adopters.

Well, it’s not looking like anyone looking to join the next-generation console party down in Brazil might not see the PS4 as quite the bargain we see it as. Sony has just confirmed the official price for the PS4 console in Brazil, where buyers will be expected to hand over a full 3,999 Brazilian Reais for the privilege of taking one home.

And if that doesn’t mean anything toy you, try $1,850 at the current rate of exchange.

Brazil has been officially included in the launch party for the PS4 and will like the rest of Europe welcome the console as of November 29. Chances are however that this will be one country of the world where large queues are unlikely to form outside stores on the console’s release date and stock shortages are not expected due to excessive demand.

The $1,850 price of the PS4 in Brazil is more than four times its asking price in the US and Europe, while games for the thing are also going on sale for an inflated 179 Reais or $83 to you and me.

“The console will be released in Brazil for R $3,999, and the MSRP of games for the console is $179. The PS4 ™ will be available from the day November 29, 2013 in major retail stores in Brazil” states this week’s confirmation courtesy of Sony’s official Brazilian blog.

So, why exactly are Brazilians being taken for a ride?

Well, it actually all comes down to the taxes imposed by the government on hardware imports, rather than Sony’s intent. More often than not however, it’s extremely rare to find any piece of hardware being sold in Brazil for more than double its global RRP – the massive tax applied to the PS4 is largely inexplicable.

Of course, the news hasn’t gone down well with gamers across Brazil who had until now intended to pick up the PS4 following its launch – hundreds have taken to the web to voice their anger in the direction of Sony.

It remains to be seen how much the Xbox One will cost in Brazil, but with a price $100 more than the PS4 here in the US, chances are it will be a similar story of OTT taxation and angry consumers.

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