Iowa Woman Swallows Web-Bought Tapeworm in Effort to Lose Weight

Iowa Woman Swallows Web-Bought Tapeworm in Effort to Lose WeightSome people say they’ll do anything to lose weight – some take their commitment a little too seriously. So for anyone that’s thinking their smoothie-diets or wholegrain eating plans are right on the edge, take a look at what this dedicated/disastrously stupid individual did in the name of weight loss.

Doctors in the US are used to hearing all sorts of head-scratchers, but when your GP has to get in touch with the state health department to ask what the hell to do next, you know you’ve done something a bit silly. And that’s exactly what happened in Iowa recently, when a woman trying her best to lose weight casually informed her doctor about the tapeworm she bought on the internet and swallowed to eat away at her insides.

Yes…a tapeworm…bough on the web and eaten.

The doctor was advise to go about a de-worming process in order to first make sure the thing was dead and then to get it out of her. Speaking on behalf of the Iowa Department for Public Health, Dr. Patricia Quinlisk issued a warning that frankly shouldn’t need issuing to anyone with a shred of sanity.

“Ingesting tapeworms is extremely risky and can cause a wide range of undesirable side effects, including rare deaths,” wrote Dr. Quinlisk.

“Those desiring to lose weight are advised to stick with proven weight loss methods; consuming fewer calories and increasing physical activity.”

The theory is that these not-so little critters set up home in your gut and eat away at the food you eat to such an extent that you lose weight by cutting calories. In reality however, they usually end up stealing all the nutrient you need to keep you alive, without having any real effect on your weight whatsoever.

So not only do you stay fat, but you also end up suffering from malnutrition, anemia or a slight case of death.

And even if you survive, do you really want to think about dragging a four-foot work out of your mouth or through a hole in your skin once you’ve decided to get rid of it?

Seriously – I’d rather hit a boot camp any day.

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