iPad Air “Your Verse” Ad Campaign Debuts at NFL Playoffs – 49ers vs Panthers

iPad Air “Your Verse” Ad Campaign Debuts at NFL Playoffs – 49ers vs PanthersThe upcoming NFL Playoffs promises a lot of football action for those who love the game and identify with the sport and all its memorable postseason moments.  But regardless of whether you’re a football fan or not, NFL postseason games, especially the Super Bowl, are a great place to catch hot new advertisements, including those from major tech companies such as Apple.  The iPad Air, which is Apple’s newest, thinnest and lightest tablet, will be in one of those NFL Playoffs ads, as Apple’s “Your Verse” commercial debuted at the San Francisco 49ers versus Carolina Panthers playoffs game last night.

The NFL Playoffs ad begins with the great American outdoors as a setting, with someone using his iPad Air to capture a waterfall on video.  “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute,” says the narrator.  “We read and write poetry because we’re members of the human race.  And the human race is filled with passion.”  Throughout the course of the ad, the narrator talks about “medicine, law, business (and) engineering” as “noble pursuits necessary to sustain life”, and “poetry, beauty, romance (and) love” as reasons for people to stay alive.  This is the backdrop for the main talking point of the commercial, that the iPad Air is used by people of different occupations in different industries.  Interestingly, video recording is the main focus of the 90-second ad, which is about thrice the length of your average NFL Playoffs or Super Bowl commercial.

It’s also worth noting that the iPad Air “Your Verse” narrator is none other than Robin Williams, who famously played a poetry teacher on the 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society.  Williams is the latest celebrity to narrate an Apple advertisement, following Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s turn as the voiceover on the “Pencil” ad, also for the iPad Air.

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