iPhone 6 Rumors Point to 6-inch Sapphire Screen, Summer Release Date

iPhone 6 Rumors Point to 6-inch Sapphire Screen, Summer Release DateIt’s officially the first weekend of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, but that hasn’t stopped rumors of the iPhone 6 release date from making their presence known. Call it disappointment in the new iPhones or a simple case of mindless impatience, all eyes are already on the iPhone 6 and the new hardware it might bring to the table.

Performance and prowess aside, it’s difficult not to agree with the argument that both the iPhone 5S and 5C are essentially reruns of an increasingly familiar concept. Sure the fingerprint sensor is a cool toy, but there’s so little separating the 5S from the 5 or even the 4S, we’re still not convinced.

With the iPhone 6 however it could be an entirely different story. Right off the bat, this is rumored to be the first Smartphone Apple will launch with a screen size between 5 and 6-inches, making it something of an iPhablet rather than an iPhone in the traditional sense.

And according to the latest rumors Apple is taking the huge screen of the iPhone 6 very seriously indeed – they intend to cover in a layer of Sapphire.

Sources originally delivering the information to DigiTimes specifically refer to the next-generation iPhone set for launch in 2014, which is expected to see the iPhone we know today taken right back to the drawing board. Which to some degree makes sense as what it becoming worryingly clear with each passing year is that Apple has pretty much gone as far as it can with the basic iOS Smartphone concept.

Fit the iPhone 6 with a 6-inch Sapphire screen on the other hand and we’re talking a whole different kettle of fish.

Exciting times ahead.

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