iPhone 6 to Feature Triple-Lens Camera – Patent Filing Suggests 2014 Launch

iPhone 6 to Feature Triple-Lens Camera – Patent Filing Suggests 2014 LaunchApple’s iPhone 6 will undoubtedly have its work cut out in making a name for itself. Not that the iPhone isn’t by rights an astonishing machine, but competition at the top-end of the Smartphone market has never been more abundant or ferocious.

It’s reached a point where even the biggest brands on Earth are no longer able to get by on merit and past successes alone. Instead, it’s all about mold-breaking innovation and satisfying consumer demand before the punters even know what it is they want.

And as far as mold-breaking features go that are already making waves, new-generation camera technology seems to be topping the table.

This of course hasn’t escaped the attention of Cook and Co., which apparently has led to Apple looking into triple-lens technology for the new camera to feature on the iPhone 6. A recent patent filing suggests that the new triple-lens is destined to make an appearance on a 2014 iPhone, given the fact that the iPhone 5S is already said to be in full production in the Far East.

The patent filing was spotted by the beady-eyed folks as Mashable, who suggested that Apple could be looking at ways to really stick it to the likes of the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia 1020– both of which currently lead the market for stunning camera quality. According to the report, the “triple lens and triple sensor design” will use two lenses for color and a separate lens for brightness. The use of two color lenses will allow the device to look at the data from both and combine it as necessary to create the best possible shots.

Exciting stuff, but of course there’s the iPhone 5S release date to get out of the way first – one that analysts fear could bring another incremental upgrade of minor significance. Talk of an affordable plastic iPhone also continues in the background, but in typical style Apple has bene unwilling to discuss any details as to specs, features, release date plans, price options or even the existence of any new iPhones.

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