iRadio Content Licensing Hiccups Could Explain Apple TV Release Date Delay

iRadio Content Licensing Hiccups Could Explain Apple TV Release Date DelayApple’s iTunes Radio streaming music service turned out to be the unlikely star of the show at WWDC 2013, while the new 2013 MacBook Air upgrade also delivered on expectations. Disappointment was rife when it became clear that the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 weren’t invited to the party, but somewhere along the lines we got so distracted that we almost forgot about another leviathan on the horizon:

Apple TV.

Not to be confused with the rather modest set top box, what we’re talking about here is the first Apple-branded television set which we’d long been promised by analysts would have arrived by now. Apple’s interest in the TV market stretches right back into the reign of Steve Jobs and there have been dozens of occasions when the launch of the iTV has seemed to be just days away.

We’ve even heard of the various sizes and prices of Apple’s first TV options, which suffice to say are as big and expensive as you’d expect!

So has Apple abandoned the iTV idea in favor of its core lines?

Not a chance – Apple TV is coming and perhaps sooner than you’d think.

What we’ve learned over recent weeks is that Apple doesn’t strike deals with content providers easily or in a hurry. The firm’s new iTunes Radio service apparently hit a number of roadblocks during negotiations with major record labels and resulted in significant delays.

Transfer the same scenario over to Apple TV where dozens of broadcasters and production companies would need to be on-board to get the service off the ground and you have yourself the exact reason why Apple TV is facing release date delays.

After all, does anyone really think that Cook and Co. would have the slightest trouble whipping together a gorgeous TV set running iOS? Of course not – chances are the TV’s already been polished off and now just needs the content to make it relevant.

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