It’s War! John McAfee to Launch Cognizant App with Sole Purpose of Killing Android Apps

It’s War! John McAfee to Launch Cognizant App with Sole Purpose of Killing Android AppsSecurity guru develops app designed to educate Android users as to what’s really going on behind the scenes

John McAfee has apparently decided that the time has come to declare war on Google’s Android OS – something the folks at Mountain View would be right to quiver a little over.

Should a report from Silicon Angle prove accurate, the online security guru has come up with an app that goes by the name of “Cognizant”. Far from an game or standard productivity app however, the purpose of Cognizant is quite simply to blow as many holes as possible in your archive of Android apps.

Once installed and activated, Cognizant will scour your device, take into consideration all of your apps and then report back on exactly what they have access to and what they are doing with or without your knowledge. As far as the man himself is concerned, it’s a necessary security measure given the way in which Android Apps often have access to an extraordinary number of privileges across a host device, ranging from the taking of photographs to the transmitting of location data.

McAfee seems to think that if the majority of people were fully aware of the potential security risks their apps pose to them, they’ll probably delete them entirely and be much more careful when selecting apps in the future.

More details on Cognizant will be disclose on February 14 by the man himself, as John McAfee will be hosting an online chat session to tell us all about it. This will then be followed by a March 1 release of the app – are you ready to find out what’s really happening?

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