Julia Robert Asked by Director to Remove ‘Dirty’ Face Freckles

Julia Roberts Asked by Director to Remove ‘Dirty’ Face FrecklesJulia Roberts has revealed that she was once requested to remove her signature facial freckles by a movie director, who astonishingly suggested they had a ‘dirty’ look.

“One director wanted me to have two freckles taken off because he said it made my face look dirty,” the 46-year old actress told UK’s Daily Mail.

Mercifully, this is one professional with pride and purpose that run much deeper than some of her counterparts, so she didn’t think twice about refusing what was unquestionable a shamefully offensive request.

She spoke of what she calls the “cultural obsession” with maintaining what have been defined by society as good looks.

“I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. I’m pretty efficient in terms of looking at myself and, to be honest, I don’t think what you’re talking about is a business demand – it’s a cultural obsession,” she continued.

“I definitely think some of my older female peer group are deeply beautiful women. They have this thing that radiates from them. It’s coming from this deep place of understanding who they are and what their purpose is. It creates a light.”

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