Kim Kardashian Slammed for Keeping 90% of Charity Auction Proceeds

Kim Kardashian Slammed for Keeping 90% of Charity Auction ProceedsKim Kardashian has been universally slammed after it came to light that her eBay auction to raise funds for victims of the Philippines disaster wasn’t quite the gesture it appeared to be. We all assumed her heart of gold had really shone through when she set up the auction, but once again her taste for the finer things in life and deplorable selfishness got the best of her…so report the folks over at PopDust.

Once the cash began building, she saw it as only fair to pocket 90% of the proceeds herself – 10% clearly being enough to help families in the Philippines that have lost everything.

On the plus-side, her actions haven’t gone unnoticed and many from her usually loyal fanbase have also joined the backlash against her.

“I used to be a huge fan, but I hope they give you back your insulting ‘portion of the proceeds’ which is a measly 10% back to you so you can choke on it,” writes one irate fan.

“You leading on that it’s for a good cause to pursue people to buy is degrading. I hope you get to keep your money, you probably need it more than they do.”

And another piped up with an equally scathing comment, stating:

“You even know the meaning of the word Charity. Your so called prayers and thoughts for the people of the Philippines are as hollow, greedy, and empty as can be possible. You are nothing more than a greedy little un-talented wanna-be. How dare you use these people’s misery to make money ! Don’t you and boy friend have enough money without using these poor wretched souls in their hour of desperation. Shame on you !!!!!”

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