Married Couple Found to be Twins Separated at Birth – New Adoption Regulation Called For

Married Couple Found to be Twins Separated at Birth – New Adoption Regulation Called ForIn an incredibly rare twist of fate, a married couple in the UK have had their marriage annulled after discovering that they were in fact twins separated at birth. The pair apparently had no idea they were related, though felt an “inevitable attraction” that brought them together.

According to a peer addressing the House of Lords, the case highlights the importance of ensuring all adopted children have access to the details of their biological parents.

The twins at the center of the case have chosen to keep their identities hidden.

Speaking with the BBC in the UK, the peer spoke of the dangers associated with hiding a person’s identity over the long term.

“If you start trying to conceal someone’s identity, sooner or later the truth will out,” the peer told the BBC.

“And if you don’t know you are biologically related to someone, you may become attracted to them and tragedies like this may occur.”

According to adoption officials in the UK, one of the biggest problems is the way in which human beings are naturally and instinctively drawn towards those they are similar to and share traits with. The west has a generally severe attitude toward incest which is considered abhorrent by most, but once the family tie is removed from the equation the attraction felt between related individuals can be completely overwhelming.

The fact that this particular case represents an extraordinary twist of fate is therefore considered irrelevant – adopted children must for their own wellbeing be made aware of their family trees.

No additional details have been made public about the couple’s future intent, though to continue the relationship even at such a stage would be in violation of UK law.

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