Miley Cyrus Admits Being Wasted at Jingle Ball – Almost Vomits On Stage

Miley Cyrus Admits Being Wasted at Jingle Ball – Almost Vomits On StageMiley Cyrus…it’s a name you have to read through parted fingers these days, not exactly associated with good news or savory behavior. As such, it should come as no real surprise to learn that Cyrus’ recent appearance at the Jingle Ball didn’t exactly set the best example for her army of pre-teen fans.

Once again, she was drunk as a skunk and a little too proud of the fact…for shame.

Talking backstage at the event on Tuesday in Minneapolis, the singer stated that she was pretty much as drunk as she had ever been and was pretty close to blowing chunks on the stage. When reporters for 101.3 KDWB asked her when she’d been the most drunk…at least as far as she could remember…she answered it was that exact moment.

“Currently right now. Definitely gonna throw up on stage!” replied Cyrus.

“I know, I reek of liquor.”

She also gave a few candid insights on her subsequent performance that say the singer twerking all over a naughty Santa…aka her singer in a costume.

“I’m making him get on stage tonight, because he’s not a very good assistant, but he’s a hell of a bad Santa,” said Cyrus.

“So that’s his new gig. He’s a little bit of an alcoholic, so he’ll get on stage, get drunk and just stumble around.”

Anyone out there still allowing their kids to worship and adore Miley?


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