More 2015 Lincoln MKS Details Filter Through – No Rear-Wheel-Drive This Time

More 2015 Lincoln MKS Details Filter Through – No Rear-Wheel-Drive This TimeThe 2015 Lincoln MKS is expected to be the next vehicle from the automaker to launch with a complete and total redesign for a new generation of US car buyers. We’ve already been informed that one Max Wolff has taken control of the styling elements for the new MKS, and that the former Cadillac designer will be holding onto many of primary traits that have made the model such a success.

There have already been plenty of scattered sightings of the 2015 MKS in prototype form, which for the most part resemble an elongated Ford Fusion with several Lincoln signatures. The outgoing MKS is by contrast built around the Ford Taurus’ platform.

The spy shots that have emerged so far paint a picture of a new MKZ that’s almost 100% unlikely to switch to a rear-wheel-drive platform, which is something that consumers have been calling for across the Lincoln lineup for quite some time. That being said, reports are still doing the rounds that Lincoln plans to release another vehicle that shares the same platform as the 2015 Ford Mustang, which will indeed be rear-wheel-drive.

Back with the 2015 MKS though, buyers are likely to be offered two different engines following its launch. Along with the existing 355BHP 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost, there will also be an additional 300BHP 2.9-liter EcoBoost option. Both engines are expected to be mated with six-way automatic transmissions, which will at some stage be stepped up to a nine-speed gearbox under development at Ford.

The 2016 Lincoln MKV is expected to make its official debut during early 2015, with the full production model launch taking place before the end of the same year.

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