More Retailers Back Wii U as Winning Console This Christmas – PS4 and Xbox One in Trouble?

More Retailers Back Wii U as Winning Console This Christmas – PS4 and Xbox One in Trouble?Another major retailer had added its voice to the Nintendo Wii U’s Christmas campaign, suggesting in no uncertain terms that the struggling console could outsell even the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one over the holidays.

This time it is that’s rallying behind the Wii U – a huge UK entertainment retailer that’s expecting a titanic spike in Wii U sales over the Christmas period.

Of course, critics for the most part remain sceptical as to whether or not such predictions amount to pure fantasy, but it’s still comforting to see that there’s still faith in the Wii U yet…from some corners, at least.

Speaking to MCV this week,’s parent company Rakuten reported a giant 75% increase in sales of the Wii U console throughout October. Such growth is expected to continue gaining momentum right through the holiday shopping season and propel the Wii U from the depths of nothingness straight to the big time.

According to Rakuten, the Apple iPad and Nintendo’s very own Wii U are “the most talked about presents for children this Christmas”.

Should current pace continue, the company speaks of the PS4 and Xbox One having little chance of rivalling the Wii U for Christmas sales.

“The marketplace’s social media analysis surprisingly showed that the brand new Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles are trailing in second and third place respectively behind the Wii U and iPad,” said Rakuten.

“This is despite the fact that both new consoles sold out on Rakuten’s during Black Friday, which have since been restocked. It appears that those on the hunt for the latest consoles are gamers rather than consumers buying for their loved ones.”

A rather large pinch of salt is of course a must when digesting such claims, but with the like of Super Mario 3D World already on the shelves and Mario Kart 8 coming soon enough, you have to believe that the second coming of the Wii U console will massively outshine its initial botched launch at least.

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