PlayStation 4 Struts its Stuff at Sony’s Summer Showcase – PlayRoom Hands-On

PlayStation 4 Struts its Stuff at Sony’s Summer Showcase – PlayRoom Hands-OnSony has been giving the lucky few a sneak peak at some of the new titles for the PlayStation 4 at the company’s Summer Showcase in London’s elite Mayfair district. Journalists, retailers and plenty of gamers were on-hand for their very first hands-on experience of just what the PS4 is capable of.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the PlayStation 4 PlayRoom, which saw plucky players interaction with floating robots. In the exclusive augmented-reality game which will ship as standard with every PlayStation 4, gamers can use their tablets PCs and Smartphones to draw items and give them to the robots.

“It is like nothing we’ve ever had before on any PlayStation or indeed any other console,” said Fergal Gara,  managing director of PlayStation for the UK & Ireland.

“It shows we’re not just about the core gamers who like driving games and high- energy games – we’ve got a broad church and there’s something for everyone including family audiences.”

Gara went on to say that the PlayStation 4 is a “blank canvas” for developers and programmers – the perfect platform for the world’s biggest gaming houses and also independent developers to showcase and distribute their work.

“Some of the most creative ideas in our industry can very easily come from them,” said Gara while discussing the importance of independent game developers.

“We’ve created a platform they can easily develop for and easily publish for.”

He also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 release date has been scheduled for the holiday season and spoke of his “delight” over the reaction to the console so far.

Sony will launch the PlayStation 4 for a price of $399 most likely in November, when it will square off with the $499 Xbox One from Microsoft.

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