Reports: 17-inch Retina MacBook Pro Revival with 2013 Haswell Refresh

Reports: 17-inch Retina MacBook Pro Revival with 2013 Haswell RefreshIt’s become something of a given that Apple will launch a 2013 Retina MacBook Pro range sometime this year, complete with the Intel Haswell chipsets that breathed new life into the latest MacBook Air. Chances are the new Haswell MacBook Pro won’t be setting any records in terms of speed and performance, but when it comes to all-important battery life and productivity, it will prove a tough act to follow.

Apple has of course remained tight-lipped on the subject, but speculation is growing that the 2013 Pro refresh will bring with it the second-coming of the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The suggestion was first made by the folks at the Stabley Times and has since piqued the interest of plenty of others. Having proved to be anything but a top-seller following Apple’s introduction of the first Retina MacBook Pro, the 17-inch model was considered unnecessary and shelved indefinitely.

However, it is now being mused that Apple will bring Retina quality to the 17-inch MacBook Pro as part of the range’s 2013 refresh, which given the firm’s advances over the past 12-months is far from implausible.

No details have yet been confirmed as to when and where the 2013 MacBook Pro refresh will happen, but most signs are pointing to an early fall release date for the first models at least – most likely October.

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