Retina MacBook Pro, Haswell for Mac Mini, Curvy Mac Pro – Still to Come from Apple

Retina MacBook Pro, Haswell for Mac Mini, Curvy Mac Pro – Still to Come from AppleSo we’ve finally been gifted with the entirely unaffordable iPhone 5C and the incremental iPhone 5S we’re finding it difficult to get excited about. All in all it’s looking like a bit of a gloomy second-half of the year for Apple, but there’s still plenty of time for Cook and Co. to pull a few much-needed surprises out of the bag.

From the Haswell MacBook Pro to the Mac Mini and of course the Mac Pro desktop, we’re actually in desperate need of a few more updates before the year is out.

Of course, the biggie of them all is the 2013 MacBook Pro that most of us had expected to debut alongside the new Air range at WWDC back in June. But it didn’t – it wasn’t even mentioned.

Nevertheless, by looking at how the inclusion of Intel’s Haswell CPUs benefited the Air, we get a pretty good idea of what to expect from the 2013 Retinal MacBook Pro. It’s likely to be a tale modest improvements to performance and power, along with a massive increase in battery life edging toward the day-long juice so many folk have been crying out for.

If it follows the 2013 Air range in terms of price, expect the various models up for grabs to launch for the same prices are their respective outgoing counterparts. As for the new MacBook Pro’s release date, if it isn’t here by the middle of next month then something has gone very wrong behind the scenes!

And as for both the Mac Mini and Mac Pro, we’ve already been promised by Apple that the latter at least will arrive before the end of the year in a weirdly wonderful cylindrical case we already love. No such tip-off on the Mac Mini, but there’s no denying it would be a decidedly more exciting beast were it afforded a lick of the Hasell paintbrush.

So despair not if the iPhone 5C launch festivities didn’t float your boat – there’s more to come from Apple this year and we reckon there’s plenty more room for genuine excipient.

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