Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Cut to $50 at Radio Shack – Black Friday Bargain or S5 Precursor?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Cut to $50 at Radio Shack – Black Friday Bargain or S5 Precursor?Radio Shack has slapped the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a generous Black Friday discount, taking the cost of the handset to just $50 when taken with the usual 24-month service agreement. And as if this wasn’t exciting enough news on its own, the more gossip-centric Samsung watchers out there have interpreted the S4’s price cut as something of a precursor to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Of course, Samsung is yet to utter a word on the S5 and hasn’t to date even confirmed its existence. Nevertheless, rumors persist of slow S4 sales prompting a rather frenzied push to get the S5 on the shelves before the firm’s flagship phone is eclipsed by its Android rivals.

And exactly as predicted, the S4 can as of right now be picked up for its lowest price ever at Radio Shack – $50 along with a two-year contract, which is a huge step down from the standard selling price of just under $200.

In addition to the $50 S4, there’s also the opportunity to use Radio Shack’s ‘Trade and Save’ offer which could see buyers take home the Samsung flagship for free.

Back with the S5, Samsung’s next-generation Smartphone flagship is widely expected to make its first appearance at next year’s Mobile World Congress – the event kicking off late February. Breaking away from the S-Series standard to date, the Galaxy S5 is likely to be the first to feature a full metallic body, the firm’s first 64-bit Smartphone CPU as standard and a massive 4GB of RAM. There’s also talk of Samsung’s newly unveiled flexible display technology making its way to the S5, as debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Round.

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