Simon Cowell Hints at Big X Factor Changes Following Demi Lovato’s Exit

Simon Cowell Hints at Big X Factor Changes Following Demi Lovato’s ExitSimon Cowell has confirmed that big changes are one again afoot for The X Factor next year, both here in the US and over in the UK. The music mogul spoke of having a ‘light bulb’ moment while pondering what could be done to rescues the fast-failing talent show from its multinational tailspin.

Ratings for The X Factor US and the UK version of the show have been plummeting for years, leading to rumors that franchise was on borrowed time at best.

As far as the music mogul himself is concerned though, there’s still more than enough time to transfer the show and return ratings to their former glory.

“Next year on our shows the rules change. I had a light bulb moment two weeks ago,” Cowell teased on Thursday via his Twitter account.

“Whenever a season ends you thank your lucky stars people watched and voted. And at the end of the day it’s all about the talent.”

His Tweet came shortly after highly-popular judge Demi Lovato confirmed that she will not be re-joining the panel for the 2014 season of The X Factor, so as to spend more time focusing on her music.

“In 2014, I’m going to dedicate it entirely to music, touring and making a new album,” she said during the final episode of a generally painful X Factor season.

“I always knew she wasn’t coming back because she’s touring, so I knew that,’ Cowell said in response to her statement, going on to reaffirm his confidence in a return to strength for the show in 2014.

Upon its 2011 US launch, The X Factor raked in a sizeable 12.6 million viewers on average per week – not quite up there with Cowell’s promise of 20 million, but leagues ahead of 2013’s pathetic 3 million weekly average.

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