Sony Confirms Grant Theft Auto 5 PS3 Bundle – $300 Price, Fall Release Date

Sony Confirms Grant Theft Auto 5 PS3 Bundle - $300 Price, Fall Release DateSony is gearing up for a bumper holiday season this year, having already confirmed the PlayStation 4 release date for November and now adding the Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 bundle to its Christmas list. Also set to launch on the Xbox 360 this coming September, Sony clearly has every intention of reminding gamers that the real home of GTA 5 is on the PlayStation 3.

The announcement was made by Sony at a meeting ahead of the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo yesterday, where the electronics giant confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto 5 bundle would carry a price of just $300 and launch shortly after the arrival of GTA 5 on September 17th. Sony also confirmed the inclusion of a headset carrying the GTA 5 branding.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 first launched on the PS2 back in 2001, the franchise has been primarily associated with Sony’s console despite becoming available on both Xbox and PC formats. Despite the console versions of GTA titles being largely identical in every way, the relationship between GTA and the PlayStation is something that long been distinct and seemingly unbreakable.

As it stands therefore, Sony is clearly looking to make every effort to remind the gaming public of this come the launch of the title this year, which has apparently already shattered pretty much every preorder sales record in the book.

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