Steven Seagal Might Run for Governor in Arizona – Slams Open Border Policy

Steven Seagal Might Run for Governor in Arizona – Slams Open Border PolicySteven Seagal has admitted that he would give serious thought to running for governor in the state of Arizona – a rather different career path from his iconic action movie origins.

He said that the idea came up as “kind of a joke” at first, but I reality he would indeed consider running for the position.

It was while shooting an episode of ‘Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County’ that the martial arts expert apparently began thinking about the differences he could make. With sheriff Joe Arpaio at his side, Segal explores south-central Arizona on the hunt for crime for his reality TV show.

“Probably I would have a lot more other responsibilities that may be more important to address,” he said on the governor subject while talking to reporters from KNXV-TV.

When asked about the most pressing issues facing the United States today as a whole, Seagal answered: “Believe it or not I think it’s open borders. People are talking about “oh Islamic terror” but I don’t think it’s that, I think it’s open borders. Any kind of terrorism does (and can) come.”

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