Super Bowl XLVIII Ads – Jaguar F-Type Commercial Stars British Villains in Action

Super Bowl XLVIII Ads – Jaguar F-Type Commercial Stars British Villains in ActionJaguar isn’t the car company you’d expect to have a Super Bowl advertising spot, but the British carmaker has its eyes set on Super Bowl XLVIII, where it will be releasing its first-ever commercial for the big game.

So while football fans around the world will be rooting for heroes such as Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson (depending on whether you like the Broncos or Seahawks, that is), three well-known British villains will be appearing in Jag’s Super Bowl ad, which promotes the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe.

The quirky new commercial will star Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston, all of whom are British actors known for their roles as Hollywood bad guys.  According to Jeff Curry, who serves as Jaguar brand vice president, the “British Villains” ad campaign is designed to “capture the new spirit of the entire brand”, something that the three actors do very well in the commercials, if the 30-second tease are any indication.

The new teaser ad starts with Kingsley saying that “all the usual suspects” are coming, with the two “usual suspects” emerging separately from a private jet and a 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe.

The commercial ends with Kingsley chuckling and warning viewers that “You’ll be hearing from us”, an ominous remark in line with what the three actors deliver in their respective 10-second individual teasers.  The complete advertisement will air on February 2, and it should only be then where we see just how Jaguar plans to market the 2015 F-Type Coupe as part of the new advertising initiative.

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