Watch the Language, Microsoft is Watching You – Xbox One Users Banned for Swearing

Watch the Language, Microsoft is Watching You – Xbox One Users Banned for SwearingMicrosoft has made clear its intent to uphold its code of conduct, having suspended the accounts of several Xbox One users caught swearing. According to watchdogs lurking behind the scenes at Microsoft, “excessive profanity” will not be tolerated and any offending files detected will be removed from Xbox Live and the accounts of those responsible suspended.

They warned users that all files sent to the Upload Studio are scanned and monitored in order to check for any code of conduct discrepancies – one of which is the use of excessive foul language. According to Microsoft, the strict measures have been put in place in order to ensure a safe and clean environment for users of all ages.

Microsoft did however reassure users that Skye conversations and other direct P2P methods of contact were neither scanned nor moderated.

The Xbox Live service available to Xbox One users is technically the same as was already offered via the Xbox 360. However, this time around Microsoft has made it clear that enforcement of stricter rules and regulations has been brought in to better control what goes on.

“As a result, if someone misbehaves on the service, we may suspend some of their privileges,” a representative from Microsoft said this week.

After months of hype, the Xbox One officially launched globally mid-November.

Some Xbox One users had in the earliest days of the console taken to forums to vent their anger at what they deemed and unnecessarily strict and irrational policy on bad language. At least one user noted that he was unable to upload new content after he used a single “bad word” in a prior upload.

However, others have praised the actions of Microsoft and reminded the gaming public that there are millions of Xbox One owners the world over of a very young and impressionable age – all of whom should have access to a gaming environment that’s guaranteed safe and free from profanity.

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