Xbox One Expected to Outsell PlayStation 4 in UK – DRM Disaster Forgiven and Forgotten?

Xbox One Expected to Outsell PlayStation 4 in UK – DRM Disaster Forgiven and Forgotten?Sony has been the apparent front-runner all along in the PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One presale battle, with most expecting a frank whitewash in terms of performance when the two launch later this year. This might be the case in the US market, but reports from over the pond are painting a rather different picture of who’s coming out on top in the UK.

One of the biggest electronics giants in Britain has revealed that it expects the Microsoft Xbox One to become the nation’s biggest selling electronic gift this holiday seasons, trumping sales of the Sony PlayStation 4. And Currys & PC World doesn’t just come up with any random numbers – they penned out a similar top-ten for Christmas sales last year and got pretty much the whole thing right on the money.

So unlike here in the US, the British retailer sees the Sony PlayStation 4 coming in at number-two in the rankings, though didn’t offer any indications as to the margin between the two. The PS4 may have taken an initial lead in most circles after preorders began, but other retailers including Amazon have now stated that the Xbox One has overtaken its Sony rival in some weeks.

The shift in interest could have something to do with Microsoft’s recent backtracking over its controversial DRM plans for the Xbox One. The Redmond software giant had initially planned to impose restrictions whereby players would not be able to play used or re-sale games without paying a fee – something that did not go down well with the gaming community. The backlash was huge and the decision was ultimately reversed.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are scheduled for a near identical November release date, when they will hit the shelves for a price of $399 and $499 respectively.

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